The American Legion and Finals Honors

In addition to the Patriot Guard Riders, The American Legion provided full military rites at my fathers funeral. They presented us with a 13-folded flag, a 21 gun salute, and the playing of Taps. Together these two groups made my dads funeral just so “him”.

My Dads Army Coat from Vietnam
Did you know that each of the 13 folds has meaning? See this American Legion link for an explanation of each of the 13 folds. It’s fascinating to see a proper flag folding so I’ll add a video of the actual folding on here.

The 21 gun salute at my dads funeral was the first one I’ve ever seen in person. I found a video which explains the meaning behind the salute. 

Please consider making a donation to your local American Legion in honor of Daddy et al. and all men and women who have and are serving for our country. May their bravery be exalted and honored during their lives and at their passing.


Results of Self Promotion Saturday 

Only two bloggers responded to this weeks self promotion Saturday! So I’m going to take a minute and highlight those two blogs! Check them out; show them some love!

1-Middle Aged Rage is an anger translator named Luther…wait…what? Spend only a few minutes on this blog and you will find depth with quirky elements. 

2-Guiding Young Goddesses is blog I could potentially turn into my bible as my 8 already thinks she is a teenager! Check out her Facebook page also! 

Check back on Saturday to shamelessly promote your blog and Facebook fan page!

Patriot Guard Riders

Its been all over my blog, but in case you missed it, my dad passed away. It was unexpected (he hadn’t been ill). But I’d like to highlight a specific group of men and woman who participated in my fathers services.

You see, my dad was a proud American and Vietnam veteran. He was also a Harley man. So it was no surprise to me when he joined the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR). It just made sense.

Please go to the PGR website and read about them and what they do. At my dads funeral, the created a flag line and stood there while everyone came in. During the ride from the funeral home to the cemetery, they led the hearse and with their bikes, created the missing man formation. At the cemetery they made another flag line. The respect they showed, the patriotism, I was truly honored to have them. 

I’m sure my dad was looking down on us thinking that was pretty cool. Please consider making a donation to this organization in honor of our fallen heros. I wish we could have afforded to give more.

Self Promotion Saturday 

Alrighty fellow 101 bloggers as a final goodbye, I’ve decided to create Self Promotion Saturday! Post a link to your Facebook fan page for your blog in the comments and I’ll like your page! As I grow my Facebook fan page, I’ll promote certain blogs I find interesting every week. 

Let help grow each other!

Emotional Starver

I’ve talked before about how I am fat and happy. I struggled for many years with anorexia and bulimia and those were the darkest years on my life. I was consumed with numbers and laxatives. (Sorry, TMI I know, but this entire article may be TMI)

I’ve come to associate lower BMI with depression and higher BMI with being happy. With today marking one week ago of having found my dads body, I cannot imagine eating. We found him last Saturday and I had one piece of pizza Monday afternoon. I felt hunger again on Thursday and ate. I don’t recall Wednesday because it was his funeral, but I likely ate something so people would be happy.

I think it’s important to know that every fat person you see, is not a lazy slob who emotional eats. Some of us have deep rooted past that are trying to keep from resurfacing.

Class Act: Advice Day Friday

At the recommendation of my Blogging 101 course, I’ve begun a new posting feature! My other posting feature thus far is Deep Thoughts. Check out the latest post! The 8th of each month I post a new fantastic, life changing quote!

My new feature will be Advice Day Friday. As some of you may know, my dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. 

I need advice. From the brilliant minds of fellow bloggers. How do I cope? How do I heal and move and not feel guilty about it?