Class Act-Part Deux

Six years of French and that’s about all I can say. Deux. It means “two”. Soooo today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is to reevaluate our title and tag line.

I’m quite fond of my title, so it stays and I’ll explain it. I’m a nurse with nearly a masters degree as a pediatric nurse practitioner. In my education and professional life as an RN, I’ve written various things. From papers to thesis, to contributing to journal articles and it’s always been written in the style of APA. I’m quite fond of APA, it’s my happy place. 

When quoting a source in APA with multiple authors, one would use the primary authors last name and then use the term “et al.” to show the reader that there are multiple authors. Your reader would then look to your reference page for more information on authors.

You still with me? Anyways.

When I began my blog, I had wanted to give credit to the people in my world who have helped write on the story of me and I found that “et al.” fit me well.

Now my tag line. I’m not sold on it. I’d love to be quotable! I strive to be quotable. So it’s included in my tag line. 

I would LOVE advice, suggestions, help me fellow bloggers with my tag line!!

Merci! <——see what happened there?

Baby et al.’s Day

  Swimsuit temper tantrums are the best. It’s how I get my way, too.

Ha! Just noticed Rody is in the background here! With that judgmental look on his face. 

See this post here for the inside joke.

Class Act

To the few followers of my blog:

I’ve entered the Blogging 101 course offered by WordPress and will be publishing some post related to that. This is one of them! I’m sinfully addicted to education, so joining this free class was a win-win for me!

Soooooo. I’m Her et al. Im here to chat and write anything that pops into my head. I have no focus, no direction, and I cuss sometimes. I’ve decided to blog publicly instead of private journaling because it’s easier to type on my handy dandy smart phone, than put pen to paper. I also love reading other blogs and hope that someone out there may find me entertaining or occasionally thought provoking. 

What topics will I write about? Yes. All of them. I try not to limit myself! In the past my post have included my stories about my kids/husband, my experience in the medical world and my education, bizarre/crazy crap I see in my life, and recipes! So I pretty much have no specific topic I stick to.

I hope to connect with everyone who is interesting! Lame-o’s need not apply. I kid, everyone is interesting in their own way…or so I’ve been told. I love getting advice though! No joke there! 

Over the next year, I hope to accomplish something with my blog. I’d like to meet new people and make 2 people laugh. Only two. So no laughing your asses off if I’ve met my quota…and yes I know those fancy abbreviations the kids are using these day! So follow me and see some of the crap I come up with as I learn the ways of world of blogging!


Her et al.


I need visual reminders daily of who I am.  My husband and I have our wedding anniversary coming up near the end of July. Now, even though we’ve been married nearly 4 years now, I just put our wedding China on display. 

Now first off, who goes out of registered for China patterns these days? I grew up poor. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We were poor. China pattern shopping, was never even on my radar. I feel immensely wealthy by the fact that I have my own car AND can stay home with my kiddos. Wedding China was a slight step behind yacht shopping, in my book. 

But I digress. For the last four years, our China has sat in their boxes in storage. We had never used it before Father’s Day. We didn’t have a hutch to display it in and opening up each of the 12 boxes to get plates out, intimated me. What if I broke something?

Some day, something will break and I will be ok. Some days my husband isn’t my favorite person and we are ok.  But I don’t hide my marriage in a box in storage. Yet, when I finally got a hutch and was able to display my China, it felt like I had been hiding my marriage in a box.

Those dishes represented our marriage to me. I like to think that it reminds our guests of our marriage when they walk past the hutch.

I’m reminded of my commitment every time I look at it and I love it.  My hutch reminds me that I’m hitched.

My Recipe For Self Pitty

My toddler has a good full shade darker tan than I myself. My baby, who I coat in sunscreen has a better tan than me.

What I have going on, doesn’t fall into any “tan” category. It’s more like this:


  • 3 pounds of sugar
  • 1/4 tsp of cinnamon 


  1. Combine all ingredients. 
  2. Take a step back and look at the color. 
  3. Feel sorry for me.

I Must Look Poor Today

I walked into an Ulta and they told me to go to Sally’s. 😕 Note to self: do hair and makeup before going shopping for hair and makeup supplies.

That place is ill prepared for dance/stage moms. Where’s the curl formers? Where’s the hair nets? If my kiddo showed up to ballet technique with a messy bun, she’d be running laps till she cried! Where is the borderline prost-a-tot “heavy street makeup”?

Sheesh. Your greater than thou persona mixed with poor selection, equals a crummy business. Just saying.

Also I despise it when people say “just saying.”

AND then I went to GAP to buy socks for the girls. And since no one buys socks in the summer, their supply was low. No one asked if I needed help. I walked past two girls chatting to each other and asked them about socks.

“Socks? I guess if we had any, they’d be over that way.” So very helpful. By the way girl, you have horse teeth.