I write about grief so much it annoys me….but here we go again!

I hit a milestone yesterday. It was the first time since the passing of my father, that my heart broke for someone else. You know, there is something about the bond between a daddy and a daughter and I was devastated when I lost my dad in my 30’s. But yesterday, a longtime friend of Sissey et al. lost her father and she’s 10. 

I cannot fathom not having him there at my graduations, my wedding, the births of my children (in the waiting room). But this larger than life father now has the best seat in the house, but it’s not the same. 

This isn’t the way it should be. There are two young, school aged children who have to begin a long, complicated, and confusing grieving process that no child should ever have to endure. And so my heart breaks for them.

Holy Reindeer Boobs!

😐 Look. I get it. Not a lot of women go into clay animation or cgi, but the guy rolling the small balls of dough for this chics boobs had to have seen enough sweater meat to know that God doesn’t grow perfectly round circles on any carbon based creature.

“Hey Roy, roll out a couple of tata’s for Robbie’s love interest.” (Full disclosure, I wasn’t watching the cartoon until I glanced up and saw this artistic catastrophe.)

“Are you sure we can’t just give her some eyelashes and maybe tint her lips a little more to give her a feminine hint?”

“Nope. She needs boobs. Full grown, lady boobs. Like fully engorged, breastfeeding boobs. And since you mentioned eyes, go ahead and make them as big as her already comically large eyes.”

Unpausing the show now, hoping to catch a peek of Robbie’s fully erect male genitalia….stay tuned.

Would Anyone Notice….

If  I slipped a Roomba onto my 10yo’s wish list? I mean, we like found a mouse and it’s a bitch to clean up after a toddler who self feeds like a blind spider monkey in a bouncy house.

iPhone versus Certain Death

9 years old:

Sissy et. al: Mom, I want an iPhone. 

Her et. al: No. You’re too young.

9 1/4 years old:

Sissy et. al: Mom, I need an iPhone

Her et. al: No. You’re still too young.

9 1/2 years old:

Sissy et. al: Mom. iPhone!

Her et. al: What aren’t you getting here, kid? Still too young.

9 3/4 years old:

Sissy et. al: *sigh* Sure wish I had an iPhone to call you if I was ever in danger.

Her et. al: Easy solution; never leave my side! Plus it saves me a bill. Win, win!

10 year old:

Sissy et. al: Mom, I want a hoverboard!

Her et. al: iPhone it is!