Bang, Bang

Some people killed some people. 

Some people who shared similarities with the people who were killed got mad that those people were killed because it really seemed senseless. 

And then it happened again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And you see where this is going. Well each time this happened, the people who shared those similarities got mad.

Duh. Of course. Their similarities made then different from the people who shot the gun who killed the people, but it didn’t make them ‘bad’. 


And they got scared. Because if they shared those similarities….could they be next? Is it just a case of wrong place, wrong time? It needs to stop. How do we stop it? We ALL know it needs to stop!

But when it comes to these police officer shootings, perhaps the media shouldn’t be looking to black community to see how they are going to fix this problem. This is a primarily white person problem. (I know the office in Minnesota was of Asian descent, but that is an outlier.) 

WE need to fix this. It’s not up to the black community to educate us. To stop us. 

Just like it isn’t up to the LGBT community to educate us.

Just like it wasn’t up to children of Sandy Hook to educate us.

Media-focus your camera here, to see what we are going to do, what I am going to do. And not on the grieving black community.

The Dab

Alright kids. I’m going to give it to you straight.  You’re right, The Dab is not a sneeze.  But it’s close to a sneeze.  Us moms out there who are also nurses, strongly suggested the rappers in the ATL (I’m immensly cool for using that abbreviation correctly) via mind control to created this style of dance as a way of making hygenic sneezing cool again.

So go ahead kids, Dab away….Particularly durin cold and flu season.

What If…

What if….

  • Everyone on Facebook was as happy as they portray themselves to be?

What if….

  • We decided to be happy for them instead of judging them and assuming they are misleading us?

What if….

  • People didn’t have to worry about sounding too braggy, too happy, too boastful, too jilted, too angry before they push send. Every. Single. Time.

What if….

  • I don’t feel like reading your ‘10 Annoying Posts That Need to Stop, Like Now‘ list you posted?

Just stop it people. The grass isn’t always greener because its fertilized with bullsh!t. Our grass has weeds because my hubby prefers to play with the toddler before she goes to bed. 

But we’re happy because we choose to get past the low point of life. Bills come and go, just like my status updates.

Stop being so crabby about other people’s happy lives.