Appropriating Black Culture, Straight Outta Compton Movie Review


Guilty. 16 year old me is in fact, guilty of appropriating black culture. We didn’t use that term back then though. It was referred to as “wanna be” or “wigger”.  And at 16, I could probably rationalized why I felt just as oppressed and targeted as black Americans.  

I was raised by a single mother and we spent many years on government assistance when I was a child.  I went to the lowest socioeconomic school in my city while living with a mother who couldn’t define socioeconomic.
But, I never went to bed hungry.  I always had clothes to wear (although it was bought from Goodwill and was hideous).I was never targeted by law enforcement for the color of my skin.  People didnt follow me around department stores to make sure I didn’t steal anything. No one locked their car doors as I walked by.
Sometimes people kept a close eye on me (and rightfully so) because I was a party animal and underaged drinker, but I lived so well compared to the lives in the beginning of the movie Straight Outta Compton.

Movie Review:

I’m reviewing this movie because, well why the hell not?  (There is really NOTHING off limits in this blog.  I just kind fly by the seat of my pants.) God I love this soundtrack and the accuracy with which the artist were portrayed was jaw-droppingly precise! I wish they would have spent more time on Pac and Biggie but maybe their movie is in the works (fingers crossed)! I concur with the people saying this movie deserved Oscar recognition.  I realize that rap is still frowned upon by many people, but that doesn’t dismiss the art entirly.  

Listen to words, they way the thoughts come to them without hessitation. Make up a 12 line poem right now, that people would pay to hear.  Go.  Now post it in my comments.

Any lover of art and craft and creativity cannot deny the difficulty with which rap was commenly written. I understand that a large amount of rap is now written and composed over months to years and by college education caucasians.  I also recognize that there are inappropriate and oftenly offensive lyrics in rap music. 
So now consider the lives they were raised in, the culture that surrounded ever aspect of their lives. 

I will never know poverty like the men portrayed in Straight Outta Compton, therefor I cannot judge them. I don’t have to listen to what offends me, but I can appreciate beauty when it does not describe my life.  I can see beauty in the lives and culture around me.


So why is appropriating another culture so offensive? Can’t tell ya! How glad are you to have read this far for nothing? 
But here’s what I think. If a black man walks into a Starbucks in Uggs and orders a PSL in his best valley girl accent, I’m going to feel a smidge offended. It would feel like he’s mocking me and my Uggs. I would feel like he sees me as a joke and insignificant as a successful contributing member of society. 

Clear as mud? I concur. But thanks for listening!


Making a Murderer

I’d like to jump on the band wagon here and give my 2ยข. Steven Avery did it. He raped and killed that poor woman.

Seriously argue with me. Give me your best. The concept of him being framed by two separate police departments, is possibly the most absurd thing I’ve heard. Think of the massive amounts of people who would have to all be on the same page and willing to risk their careers and freedom all in the name of keeping this subpar human in prison. I’m sure there are people in both departments who hate him. I just don’t think they hate him more than they love their lives.

Now Brandon is a different story. I don’t believe he is intelligent enough to have intentionally misled so many people. Additionally, I doubt he was competent to stand trial. If he truly did participate in these horrific acts, I think it was more about being easily manipulated and in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Having said that, I can say that neither of them got the fair trial they are owed as Americans. And that shortcoming needs to be rectified. And your thoughts are…..

What Happened, Leonardo?

Back in my day (yes is sounded that ancient in my mind) Leonardo DiCaprio was the cats meow. But these days he seems more like a crazy cat lady, than a stud muffin. He has more of a muffin top than a six pack. And the models who swoon over him are probably a six pack deep prior to ANY swooning.

Who cares? No one, that’s the sad part. Until he side-eyed the crap out of Lady GaGa at the Golden Globes. Which would be fine, if you didn’t look like this: 

or this: 
or God forbid, this: 
(disclaimer: last pic may have been photoshopped. I cannot confirm nor deny. Although I highly doubt there is a squirt gun designed to shoot pee.)So tweenagers, when you are all googly eyed over Harry Styles. Remember that this guy: 

WILL become this guy:sooner than you would like to think.

25 Days of Nicolas Cage-BONUS POST

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Her et al., why are you posting in the middle of the day?” Well Her et al.iens, it has come to my attention that our favorite lukewarm actor purchased a potentially stolen dinosaur artifact awhile back.

A ‘national treasure’ of sorts and unbeknownst to him. Let me be perfectly clear. Mr. Perfect did not know this artifact was stolen when he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio. (I’m having flashbacks to this. Et tu?)
Click here for more on the big Nic Cage news!!

Also, one of my favorite followers: Little Pieces Of Me(check her out) was particularly moved by the HP Cage. In her honor (honour for you Canadian Her et al.iens), I give you alternative HP/Cage mashups:

  Hermione Cager
Loves and kisses Little Pieces Of Me!