I Quit

I quit voting. The pool of possible candidates sucks. On both sides of the aisle. 

And does it even matter? Whoever we elect will be faced with political gridlock and none of their promises will come true. Unless he /she over rides them and then half the country gets pissed.

Why in Gods name would anyone want this job? Who’s circle am I going to fill in in November?

I miss being excited about the potential of an improvement in our country based on how I voted.

I’d rather vote for my nonexistent cat than anyone currently running.

Maybe I’ll write in someone who has “suspended their campaign”. Maybe I’ll vote for:



Never gets old….well maybe it’s getting closer to getting old…but I’m not done yet. 


Her et al.iens….

Don’t Tell Anyone…

Oh sh!t you guys. My kid jacked the Declaration of Independence! 


There I was, going through her backpack when I spotted it: I mean, it looks legit. And it’s clearly titled! It may look a smidge different than the last time I visualized the Declaration of Independence, but the lighting in that building suuuuucccckkks. 

I couldn’t tell you how she did this, I don’t even know when she had the time to fly to DC. Nor did I think she would be able to locate the National Archives Building, let alone bypass all the security! What do I do now?

There’s only one explanation: