Freudian Goulash

Sissy et al. (8 years old) made her own fairy garden (it’s more like a fairy area) at her dad’s house. She put a tiny house in there, some flowers, and a trail of beautiful pebbles! 

Before putting it together, she drew a picture of exactly how she wanted it to look like.

  Freud is giggling in his grave.
Thank goodness grandma helped guide it towards a less phallic fairy path.


Humble Brag

Oh this? It’s no big deal…just a pic of me sitting on President Obama’s lap at my wedding. Of course he’s checking out my rack (see yesterday’s post). And he clearly approves.

Dance Moms vs Stage Moms

My 8 yo had her acting debut yesterday. She played the part of Bashful from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. 

Guess how much hair and makeup I had to do, fellow dance moms. NONE! That’s right! I dropped her off at the theater and by magic, she appeared on stage in costume with her hair and makeup done!!

So for those of you who have become stage moms, you have no idea how wonderful you have it! I applaud your brilliance! Because if we were not six years deep into dance, I’d be campaigning for a switch from the studio to the stage! 

Sissy et al. In costume minus her big beard.   

Sissy et al. Performing whenever there’s a camera on her