Self Promotion Saturday 

It’s time again for self promotion Saturday! I’m the comments below, post the link to your Facebook fan page for your blog! In an attempt to grow my own Facebook following, I will “like” your blogs page and will promote your blog on WordPress and/or Facebook!

Please “like” Her et al. on Facebook and run to the comment section of this post to add your info! Run, don’t walk!

Results of Self Promotion Saturday 

Only two bloggers responded to this weeks self promotion Saturday! So I’m going to take a minute and highlight those two blogs! Check them out; show them some love!

1-Middle Aged Rage is an anger translator named Luther…wait…what? Spend only a few minutes on this blog and you will find depth with quirky elements. 

2-Guiding Young Goddesses is blog I could potentially turn into my bible as my 8 already thinks she is a teenager! Check out her Facebook page also! 

Check back on Saturday to shamelessly promote your blog and Facebook fan page!