25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 17

This is week many of us celebrate religious holidays. So I’m going to completely ignore that and focus my attention on “he, who shall remain nameless:” 

 Sissy et al. loves this one as Harry Potter is her love interest of the day. But I digress, happy days Her et al.iens!

25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 16

I’m super proud of the fact that my ADHD has held on for these 16 days!  

 Yes. Why.

I’d like to take this time to thank all my lovely followers (which I have named my ‘Her et al.iens’. It was voted on awhile ago…you missed that part) but I digress…happy 100th post!

25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 15

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! I like to post in the morning. But I digress…Let me spare you my brain vomit and get to the point: 

 I can only assume this, like all memes, is true. He makes a fine douchebag. 

25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 12

Engage Her et al.iens!!! Feedback! Sure, like my post. It makes me happy. But comment! I respond. I’m a real human girl! But I digress: 

 Psych! I don’t digress! Look at that passion! And 3 exclamation points? Do as Mr. Cage says or suffer the consequences of absolutely nothing!

25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 7

Today marks one week of Nic Cage under our belts. So hey, let’s celebrate! Go to your kitchen and find the most unhealthy food choice and eat it. I don’t care if it’s carrot sticks or lard, eat it in honor (honour for those of you who hail from USA’s hat) of Nicolas Cage. 

Me? I shall have my cake and eat it also: 

 I’m sure you do, Sir Cage, I’m sure you do.

25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 5

This is fun. I crack myself up. In yesterday’s post, you may have noticed the expression on Mr. Cage’s face. I’ve noticed many of his memes have this look so I’m going to define it for future generations. It shall henceforth be called “immatation exophthalmos, poorly executed”. Rolls off the tongue, eh? And for the next few days, I will post immatation exophthalmos, poorly executed pictures of the Cage-man!

But I digress (not really, I just hadn’t used that word yet). Here is day 5’s meme:

  Now I’m sure he’s only watching you pee because he wants to ensure you adequately wash your hands as it’s cold and flu season. All out of love, I’m sure.
Until next time….Her et al. OUT!