I live in the Midwest, am a mother of 2 girls, wife, and nonpracticing nurse.  I currently stay at home with my girls and I love it.  As a former professional student in denial, I became accustomed to writing many papers and became fond of a writing style known as APA (and all the nurses moaned as their eyes rolled back into their heads.)  I loved writing papers, I’ve rarely admitted that because its just not normal to say such things.  But I think its one of the reasons I loved being in school.  Without school, I’ve had no outlet for my writing, until now.

I blog for cathartic reasons not for money (although I’d gladly accept it.) I plan to stay as anonymous as I can remind myself, so as to not ruin the lives of my children with my stories and occasionally inappropriate humor.  I know someday these beautiful little girls of mine will stumble upon the web. Addendum: I’m starting to slowly combine my blog world and real life. So if you’ve stumbled upon the about section to see what the deal is all about-Hello. Welcome.

My blog will include everything in my world and may seem a bit bipolar at times.  My life has been shaped by so many people (hence my “et al.”)  So, subscribe to my blog and like me, love me, share me!

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