Professional Deer Photography 

It occurred to me today that I have wanted to photograph deer professionally for my entire life. I just never knew it!

Firstly, I’ll refer you back to older post of mine titled Oh Deer. Please read it, it give you some background into my new found passion.

Ok, you’re back or you ignored my request. Who cares? I don’t.

For some people, photographing nature comes easily. They see something they like, grab their smart phone or other point and shoot and nab their muse for eternity without blinking.

That’s not me.

Today I was riding in the passenger seat of my car going a whopping 10mph in a parking lot when my husband spotted a deer eating so nature like shit.

(And since you’ve read the previous post, you get the whole “me and deer” thang.)

I HAD to get this one. Redeem myself! So we stopped the already slowly moving vehicle.

And I quietly rolled down my window was simultaneously grabbing my phone and I took 500 shots over what seemed like 4 hours before the deer left.

Basically what I want you to understand is that I had plenty of time to get this one right. And literally a gabillion pics to sift through to find the best. 

So behold, the only decent shot:

So I think what I’ve realized is that deer are Gods leftovers or something. Because this one, clearly has no head. He has a fleshy skin layer on a mini marshmallow, on a neck and that’s pretty much it for his noggin. And a leftover baby giraffe neck that connects it to his body. Now we all knew these things were not the brightest beast in the magical forest, so I guess it’s no it surprise!

Currently accepting orders for deer photographs. Contact me for details.

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