What If…

What if….

  • Everyone on Facebook was as happy as they portray themselves to be?

What if….

  • We decided to be happy for them instead of judging them and assuming they are misleading us?

What if….

  • People didn’t have to worry about sounding too braggy, too happy, too boastful, too jilted, too angry before they push send. Every. Single. Time.

What if….

  • I don’t feel like reading your ‘10 Annoying Posts That Need to Stop, Like Now‘ list you posted?

Just stop it people. The grass isn’t always greener because its fertilized with bullsh!t. Our grass has weeds because my hubby prefers to play with the toddler before she goes to bed. 

But we’re happy because we choose to get past the low point of life. Bills come and go, just like my status updates.

Stop being so crabby about other people’s happy lives.

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