Summer Toddler

She runs into the living room in her Elsa undies with a clump of hair stuck to her cheek by means of juice from her apple.

“Let’s play baby dollies!!” She squeals as one of her naked dolls falls from the pile plastic bodies in her short, plump arms.

This is the first summer she’s truly enjoyed. 

She’s giggled while running into the pool; giggles to drowned out the sound of mommy yelling, “NO RUNNING!” She’s drowned it out so well it became a lesson she learned the hard way, via skinned knee.

She’s thrown her first snap just like the big kids. Only to be startled when she finds it that scary sound is now coming from her.

And she’d have no other way. It’s her way. Just the way she likes it. There’s fire in those steal grey eyes. There’s stories to those sun kissed cheeks and shoulders.

Enjoy this summer, Baby et. al

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