I Think I Might be the Easter Bunny

I live off of salads and veggies and am a massive organism. So as far as I can tell, the only rational explanation is that I am the Easter Bunny and I am just now realizing it.

For about ten years, I decided to be a vegetarian. Not because or animal rights or anything, just because I don’t really care for meat and I was sick of people asking me if I was a vegetarian all the time. Becoming a vegetarian is not a diet, let’s make that clear. It meant lots of carbs for me. And cheese. And dear God almighty, do I LOVE cheese!! I would F*CK cheese….but I digress. 

Becoming a vegetarian increased my love of veggies ten fold! I now eat meat but not often. And never rabbit meat. So clearly I’m the Easter Bunny!

I must go into some sort of amnesiac sleepwalking world tour once a year. 

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