Springing Ahead: A Moms BFF

Daylight savings time is bullshit anyways. But I’ll leave that for a different post.

Back in college, I loved it when daylight savings time ended. Falling backwards meant one extra hour of drinking! But springing forward meant waking up at what felt like 7 if I had to get up at 8. And that blows goat. 

But now that I’m a mom, my life doesn’t run the way I want it to. It runs the way my toddler wants it to. And she can really be a real…..well I’m not going to say because sometimes my mom accidentally reads my shit.

But I digress. Now that I’m older than dirt, I love it when daylight savings time starts and I hate it when it ends. You see, my nearly threenanger cannot read a frucking clock yet. Why? Don’t know. But it’s kind embarrassing. She’s not potty trained yet, doesn’t know her ABC’s and I’m pretty damn sure she hasn’t given a thought to her 401K.

Good Lord do I get off track easily.

So when daylight savings time starts. Baby et al. wakes up at her normal 6am…..BUT WAIT YOU LITTLE SHIT!!! WE DONE SPRUNG AHEAD AND ITS 7am!!

Drops mic.

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