Placing Bets

We are getting ready to build a house! Of course, it takes 90 years for the bank crap to get done and that’s where we are in the process. But once they are able to remove their craniums from their anus (ani? What is the plural of anus??) 

Anywho, I digress. Place your bets here and now!!

How many hair ties will we find in our old house when we pack?

Tie breaker:

Oddest place a hair tie was found. A subjective response which must match mine.

The winner will receive one pack of the braided black hair ties! And yes I will really mail these to you house or PO box!

The official move will not take place for abou 6 months. But I will tag this post when I update the winner! Or hop over to my Facebook page and like me there and find out quicker if you won!

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