Yet Another Political Blog Post by a Yet Another Random Person

This is more of a plea than anything else.

While in high school, I stumbled down the dangerous path that most high schoolers manage to avoid. Yep, you guessed it. 


When I became fully engrossed in the political areana with campaigns and party platforms crap, I became passionate. Like, holy cow, “someone get that girl a Xanax!”  It was new to me and politics was my drug.

Now had Facebook been around, I can confidently admit that I would have been on it all day long ranting, belittling those who disagrees with me, calling names, slinging mud, and spinning to my little hearts desire! My zen.

And then I grew up. Its been many since my love of politics began. I know it’s uncommon to start that young and y’all are just now getting into the passionate part of an election year. But, I’ve realized that calling names and shoving my views down others people’s throats actually counterintuitive. 

Listen pals, people think you’re bat shit crazy. You’re getting on Facebook and calling people names because they don’t agree with you. You look like an anger filled idiot who only turns to rage because they cannot eloquently defend their own views.

So for the love of God, chill out! I get it, you hate my political party. Whoop de fricken do.  That’s great, it’s what’s makes America this great land we are lucky enough to have lived in. And sadly, rage filled undereducated assholes are also what America special, too.

So do what’s right, write in Her et al. for president.

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Political Blog Post by a Yet Another Random Person”

  1. *Didn’t mean to send*

    …..we have a family who is questioning her gender and I’ve seen my mom mold to those situations better than I thought she would. It’s the depression babies who would rather cut people out than open their minds.
    Looks like I have another post subject!!!!

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    1. Very true re: aging out. I have kids that will be voters soon, and we’ve been making them watch as many debates & coverage (both parties) as possible, bc both my dh & I would be sad to know they pick candidates based on who their parents traditionally choose. (Sociologically speaking, apparently that used to be the norm.) I used to get rather panicky about what they were seeing, bc living in a swing state, we tend to get a *lot* more nutso ads & slippery-slope type speeches than I grew up with in my old home state (tradeoff being caucuses vs election date), but then I started reading studies which seem to indicate that, as the newer generations have grown up with the overall noise and nuttiness of the Internet, they tend to be more discerning voters than our or our parents’ gens ever were. So maybe there’s hope for us all yet. (Or maybe not. Depends on whether they remember that voting still requires showing up in person… I still remember my kids’ horrified reaction to the fact you can’t just text in your votes. 😉 Sorry, kiddos. It’s not American Idol.)


      1. Ha! It will evolve to text for votes. Particularly with the improvement in biometrics. I have nieces preparing to vote in this election and I can see what you’re saying. They have so much information at their fingertips and it has empowered them. I also see with this generation a greater passion for human rights. My nieces are so vocal and so passionate about gender/sexual fluidity and social equality and so on. At their age I was polity involved, but we could only snag yard signs of opposition candidates (which I later found out is incredibly illegal!)

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  2. “… I’ve realized that calling names and shoving my views down others people’s throats is actually counterintuitive. […] Listen pals, people think you’re bat shit crazy. […]So for the love of God, chill out!”


    (Sorry about the long-quote back to you. It resonated so much that I felt like it bore (beared?) repeating.)

    I don’t care whether you’re affiliated with my “team” or another one. Political hate rants just make one sound, well, intolerant and hateful– and I’ve never seen rants do anything other than making someone of an opposing viewpoint double down on their existing beliefs.

    Is there any way we can expand the “rants make you sound bat shit crazy” to include rants about religion (Any, including anything from absence of to Zoroastrianism), social issues, and the more vitriolic posts in the so-called Mommy Wars?

    I heart my FB friends. I wouldn’t be friends with them if I didn’t. Over the years, though, I’ve noticed that the hate-filled ranty posts make me wince, *especially* if they’re coming from someone who is on the same ‘team’. But the posts that make me consider my beliefs and/or positions are always the thoughtfully written ones with carefully constructed arguments. (And honestly, aren’t there other, better forums/websites for political debate?)

    I’m sure I’ve been guilty of an obnoxious rant or two. (Snerk.) Mine have usually been tempered, though, because until recently I’ve been subjected to “Grandma is reading this” self-censorship. (Sadly, Grandma didn’t reciprocate the same courtesy. For all her “sweet little old lady” persona, that woman could share some serious hate.) Grandma’s hatred for secret Commies (& tbh, most races & cultures) notwithstanding, I’ve tried to pass that ‘Pause-Button’/”You’re talking to Grandma” philosophy to my kids. They don’t always listen, but how much worse would Facebook, or even other sites, be if we practiced more mindfulness: consider who you’re speaking to, what you’re saying, and how you are saying it?

    I don’t think debates would disappear–and we don’t want them to–but would there be more or less likelihood for our disagreements to reach a form of resolution?


    1. Right! Verbal abuse does damage to your cause. Produce facts, numbers proving your point. Not biased, emotionally saturated BS!

      The sweet, angry old folk who hate everything they’re not use to are aging out. My mother is a baby boomer and incredibly religious. But now we have

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