What Happened, Leonardo?

Back in my day (yes is sounded that ancient in my mind) Leonardo DiCaprio was the cats meow. But these days he seems more like a crazy cat lady, than a stud muffin. He has more of a muffin top than a six pack. And the models who swoon over him are probably a six pack deep prior to ANY swooning.

Who cares? No one, that’s the sad part. Until he side-eyed the crap out of Lady GaGa at the Golden Globes. Which would be fine, if you didn’t look like this: 

or this: 
or God forbid, this: 
(disclaimer: last pic may have been photoshopped. I cannot confirm nor deny. Although I highly doubt there is a squirt gun designed to shoot pee.)So tweenagers, when you are all googly eyed over Harry Styles. Remember that this guy: 

WILL become this guy:sooner than you would like to think.

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