25 Days of Nicolas Cage-BONUS POST

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Her et al., why are you posting in the middle of the day?” Well Her et al.iens, it has come to my attention that our favorite lukewarm actor purchased a potentially stolen dinosaur artifact awhile back.

A ‘national treasure’ of sorts and unbeknownst to him. Let me be perfectly clear. Mr. Perfect did not know this artifact was stolen when he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio. (I’m having flashbacks to this. Et tu?)
Click here for more on the big Nic Cage news!!

Also, one of my favorite followers: Little Pieces Of Me(check her out) was particularly moved by the HP Cage. In her honor (honour for you Canadian Her et al.iens), I give you alternative HP/Cage mashups:

  Hermione Cager
Loves and kisses Little Pieces Of Me!

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