25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 5

This is fun. I crack myself up. In yesterday’s post, you may have noticed the expression on Mr. Cage’s face. I’ve noticed many of his memes have this look so I’m going to define it for future generations. It shall henceforth be called “immatation exophthalmos, poorly executed”. Rolls off the tongue, eh? And for the next few days, I will post immatation exophthalmos, poorly executed pictures of the Cage-man!

But I digress (not really, I just hadn’t used that word yet). Here is day 5’s meme:

  Now I’m sure he’s only watching you pee because he wants to ensure you adequately wash your hands as it’s cold and flu season. All out of love, I’m sure.
Until next time….Her et al. OUT!

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