25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 4

Today I tagged the word “marijuana” in my post. I’m trying to tap into a whole new subset of people. So, to those of you brough to my blog by weed, I welcome you. I do not use illegal drugs and today weed is still illegal in my state. But I don’t judge…well I kind of do make snap judgements, but could not care less about marijuana. But if you don’t wash your hand after you pee or constantly show up late to doctor appointments, well then I hate you and judge you mercilessly. But I digress<—–at this point I’m going to try to use that word in all of my 25 days posts.

Nicolas Cage’s talent transcends multiple artistic mediums (totally made that shit up.) I present you now, my precious Her et al.iens, Nicolas Lisa:

  Her beauty is forever etched in my memory, but upside down in my occipital lobe ’cause that’s how ours brains roll, bruh!

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