25 Days of Nicolas Cage-Day 3

I know you were all on pins and needles awaiting today’s meme! 

Let me start off by saying “Deep Thoughts by Her et al.”, “Advice Day Friday”, and “Self Promotion Saturday” will be on hold during the 25 days of Nicolas Cage. Look for those series to continue after the first of the year!

Today’s meme came to me after a weekend full of running. I feel so detached from my home base. Not to mention the loads of laundry needing to be done. But I digress (I digress often…perhaps I’m flighty). Here he is “Her et al.iens”:

  Nic Cage phone home. Did you notice I called y’all Her et al.iens? I was inspired by Nic ET Cage, but I think this has to stick!
I do declare, that from this moment forth, the followers of the lifestyle blog “Her et al.” will be known as “my little Her et al.iens” 

Because your support is out of this world! 

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