Advice Day Friday

So we are still healing over here from the sudden loss of my dad. My 8 year old, Sissy et al. and my dad were very close. They went on short road trips together, would share pancakes at McDonald’s on the way to school, and hunt for really cool rocks together.

Sissy et al. also has some “ticks” and she stutters somewhat, which is common with her particular giftedness. Since my dad (her grandpa) died, her ticks have gotten worse. I’m assuming she’s trying to be strong and not cry.

So here’s what I need advice on:

How do I go about helping my 8 year old cope with the death of her grandfather? 

Last week think I had one response. I could use some more advice for this one!

2 thoughts on “Advice Day Friday”

  1. Sorry I missed this earlier. For many years, I used the “Mr. Rogers” brochure in my funeral homes. They were simple and to the point. Here is the link
    The most important thing is to be open, honest and let her engage the topic when and how she wants to.
    Typlically, children will get back to their “new normal” pretty quickly, usually sooner than adults.
    I hope this helps. If not, let me know and I’ll find more….Ray


  2. I’m so sorry that I can’t help, but I’m sorry for your loss and will keep my finger’s crossed that things improve for your daughter improve soon. I even tried googling answers for you but I’m still none the wiser!


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