Class Act-Disappearing Act

Again, I am doing the Blogging U 101 class and around day 6 or 7, I lost interest. It’s my self diagnosed thus unmedicated ADHD.

So I took a few days off! Yay me! 

Just hopped back on and my reader was FULL of Blogging 101 post about people apologizing for being a day or two late with assignments (blah, blah, blah) and I got grumpy annoyed. See my post on apologizing to blog followers for being MIA. 

So I’m going to sit here at the back of the class with my antisocial hat on, passive-aggressively learning. Sorry kids, you’ve done nada wrong, I’m just PMS-ing like a mofo.

But lookie, I’ve posted a link to a blog post I found super interesting! That’s the latest Blogging 101 assignment, right? Yes, true it’s my own post. But remember, I’m the gal who likes to quote herself.

Her et al. out

Mic drop

(I’ve always been a sucker for dramatic endings…,may be fueled by that pms thing I mentioned)

3 thoughts on “Class Act-Disappearing Act”

  1. I totally agree as well, I think it’s totally lame when people apologize on their blogs. I’ve gotten ADHD with the blogging101 too but I don’t mind, I’m still learning a lot and reading many cool blogs (like this one:)


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