Class Act-Part Deux

Six years of French and that’s about all I can say. Deux. It means “two”. Soooo today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is to reevaluate our title and tag line.

I’m quite fond of my title, so it stays and I’ll explain it. I’m a nurse with nearly a masters degree as a pediatric nurse practitioner. In my education and professional life as an RN, I’ve written various things. From papers to thesis, to contributing to journal articles and it’s always been written in the style of APA. I’m quite fond of APA, it’s my happy place. 

When quoting a source in APA with multiple authors, one would use the primary authors last name and then use the term “et al.” to show the reader that there are multiple authors. Your reader would then look to your reference page for more information on authors.

You still with me? Anyways.

When I began my blog, I had wanted to give credit to the people in my world who have helped write on the story of me and I found that “et al.” fit me well.

Now my tag line. I’m not sold on it. I’d love to be quotable! I strive to be quotable. So it’s included in my tag line. 

I would LOVE advice, suggestions, help me fellow bloggers with my tag line!!

Merci! <——see what happened there?

One thought on “Class Act-Part Deux”

  1. I like your title and find it a great idea for what you want to portray. In terms of a tagline, I like the one you chose and I’m trying to think of another option to give you, if you want to change it. “My life in quotable words” maybe? This is just a suggestion.
    Oh and I have also taken French lessons for six years and unfortunately my French have almost abandoned me.

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