Class Act

To the few followers of my blog:

I’ve entered the Blogging 101 course offered by WordPress and will be publishing some post related to that. This is one of them! I’m sinfully addicted to education, so joining this free class was a win-win for me!

Soooooo. I’m Her et al. Im here to chat and write anything that pops into my head. I have no focus, no direction, and I cuss sometimes. I’ve decided to blog publicly instead of private journaling because it’s easier to type on my handy dandy smart phone, than put pen to paper. I also love reading other blogs and hope that someone out there may find me entertaining or occasionally thought provoking. 

What topics will I write about? Yes. All of them. I try not to limit myself! In the past my post have included my stories about my kids/husband, my experience in the medical world and my education, bizarre/crazy crap I see in my life, and recipes! So I pretty much have no specific topic I stick to.

I hope to connect with everyone who is interesting! Lame-o’s need not apply. I kid, everyone is interesting in their own way…or so I’ve been told. I love getting advice though! No joke there! 

Over the next year, I hope to accomplish something with my blog. I’d like to meet new people and make 2 people laugh. Only two. So no laughing your asses off if I’ve met my quota…and yes I know those fancy abbreviations the kids are using these day! So follow me and see some of the crap I come up with as I learn the ways of world of blogging!


Her et al.

6 thoughts on “Class Act”

  1. Like you, I write about just about anything. It’s almost like a map of how my brain works — it goes all over the place. I enjoyed your first post; I got a small laugh, so maybe that’s 50% of your desired quota achieved already: 🙂


  2. I like the way you are. Your whole personality. For once I thought U must be a teenage girl because u sounded so lively and chirpy. I was amazed when I read that u have a baby too.
    Be the way you are and keep that child alive in yourself..!!!


    1. I’m a recovering “mean girl” and I sometimes think that has followed me into adulthood. My hope is that my teenage nieces will find me relatable and will confide in me and I will single handedly prevent their teenaged pregnancies.
      Anyways, I have a 2 year old and 8 year old! I can turn on the educated, professional blogger when needed.

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