I need visual reminders daily of who I am.  My husband and I have our wedding anniversary coming up near the end of July. Now, even though we’ve been married nearly 4 years now, I just put our wedding China on display. 

Now first off, who goes out of registered for China patterns these days? I grew up poor. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We were poor. China pattern shopping, was never even on my radar. I feel immensely wealthy by the fact that I have my own car AND can stay home with my kiddos. Wedding China was a slight step behind yacht shopping, in my book. 

But I digress. For the last four years, our China has sat in their boxes in storage. We had never used it before Father’s Day. We didn’t have a hutch to display it in and opening up each of the 12 boxes to get plates out, intimated me. What if I broke something?

Some day, something will break and I will be ok. Some days my husband isn’t my favorite person and we are ok.  But I don’t hide my marriage in a box in storage. Yet, when I finally got a hutch and was able to display my China, it felt like I had been hiding my marriage in a box.

Those dishes represented our marriage to me. I like to think that it reminds our guests of our marriage when they walk past the hutch.

I’m reminded of my commitment every time I look at it and I love it.  My hutch reminds me that I’m hitched.

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