I Must Look Poor Today

I walked into an Ulta and they told me to go to Sally’s. 😕 Note to self: do hair and makeup before going shopping for hair and makeup supplies.

That place is ill prepared for dance/stage moms. Where’s the curl formers? Where’s the hair nets? If my kiddo showed up to ballet technique with a messy bun, she’d be running laps till she cried! Where is the borderline prost-a-tot “heavy street makeup”?

Sheesh. Your greater than thou persona mixed with poor selection, equals a crummy business. Just saying.

Also I despise it when people say “just saying.”

AND then I went to GAP to buy socks for the girls. And since no one buys socks in the summer, their supply was low. No one asked if I needed help. I walked past two girls chatting to each other and asked them about socks.

“Socks? I guess if we had any, they’d be over that way.” So very helpful. By the way girl, you have horse teeth.

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