Oh Toodles

Tis the season for women with any amount of boobage to have boobsweat. Men’s armpits, lady’s boobsweat. “What the heck does boobsweat have to do with Toodles”, you may be asking.

Or maybe you don’t have kids yet. In which case, you should not know who Toodles is. So study him here.

Today Toodles had a fog machine in his bag of tools. “What the heck does a fog machine have to do with a children’s cartoon”, you may be asking. Well I don’t know because my attention span is like….

Fog machines remind me of college and frat parties or clubs. Today, Toodles had some tweezers because every girls trims up her brows before counting the lost piggies.

Now what does Toodles have for my boobsweat? Killer cleavage comes with a price tag. Amiright?

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