Dance Mom Advice

This is my 8 year olds 6th year dancing. This year she had 5 routines and 4 costumes. Meaning she would need to change 3 times during the annual recital. So for the first time, I volunteered to be backstage….mainly because I dont trust my child to stay on track and come out looking cute.

So I know everyone probably has a Dream Duffle or equivalent if they have kids in multiple numbers. However the hot place in my town to hold dance recitals, is a dated theater that has been remodeled. This means very little space in the dressing rooms. Which then means no one is allowed to bring dream duffles. Which then means chaos and costume pieces everywhere. 

So what helps when you have 22 8-10 year old girls, three moms, and three quick changes? Garbage bags! Yes, I used heavy duty garbage bags, each labeled with a girls name and hung on the hook behind their costumes.

When they take stuff off, it goes directly into their garbage bag. Shoes and all! Preparation is huge too. Our girls had high top generic chucks for hip hop and those were a pain for them to get on and off. We had those untied and looped out with the tongue folded down over the laces. Ready for feet.

Please share your dance mom secrets if you have any!! I’m only 6 years into this dance mom role, which is a realtivly newbee status!

3 thoughts on “Dance Mom Advice”

  1. My daughter started dance when she was 2, too…luckily our studio has already entrenched backstage dance moms (though it may be me when those girls graduate!!) She has 5 changes. Last year I got an e-mail from the stage manager after dress rehearsal saying that the dressing room my daughter’s group was in was such a wreck she couldn’t figure out if they had all their accessories and costumes, urgh. Everywhere she goes, she explodes. I have helped a couple times with the company performances…very quick changes!! The only thing I really learned was to get working lace up shoes right away, as soon as they get their leotard pulled over their feet. Of course also make sure the next thing is laid out, but that’s pretty much a no-brainer.


  2. There’s not a huge difference between two and three quick changes! It wasn’t too stressful either and I get stressed easily! There were a couple of brats (I can say that because their moms won’t find out.) I’d much rather be watching the show though. Our studio is into contemporary/modern and they did some super cool pieces I’ll have to watch on DVD. One of them didn’t even have music!


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