How To: Internet Dating-A Hardly Educational Post (part 2)

This is a continuation on another post

I met him online. As a single mother of a young daughter, I felt I had to check his background and make sure he wasn’t a pedophile. When I ran his name through my county’s court records, he (same name, different birthday) popped up for a plethora of drug related charged. No other person with that name had any record. No seatbelt violations, no parking tickets, nada. 

So I faked strep throat. I lied and then I felt bad about it. A short time later he started texting me again and his age came up in conversation. It wasn’t him! This guy had no record whatsoever (which I still think is odd). We dated, we deleted our dating profiles eventually,and fell in love.

Then we went on a trip together to Maui where a college friend of mine was getting married. After 1 year of dating, he took advantage of the ideal location and proposed. 

The morning of the wedding, he and I went for a drive in the rain. Just as the rain was clearing, we stumbled upon an empty beach. We were just walking in the sand when he dropped to his knee. And we thought we were alone until we turned to leave. An elderly couple was sitting a little off in the distance under a tree, watching us. She was crying too and they clapped as we left.

  Mr. et al. a few hours after he proposed.❤️
  “Our” beach in Maui

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