How To: Internet Dating-A Hardly Educational Post

  1. Be single. Not married. Not dating someone you haven’t broken up with yet. Not seperated, but still technically married. 
  2. Have Internet access via a smartphone, desktop, tablet, laptop or anything else the kids are using these days.
  3. Take a flattering picture of yourself….like a current one. With your current hair color, style, and weight. Believe me, we’ve all had those glory days when we were “sooooo skinny”, but if your not currently in the midst of your skinny days, admit it to yourself and show your true self. And cool it with the filters people! Geez, everyone looks like they’re in renal failure! 
  4. Choose a site or two, take into account price. I’m not sure what the kids are doing these days and I know there’s a billion of them. But find one and dive in.
  5. Be available, respond honestly to messages, initiate communication if there is someone who has caught your eye. Keep an open mind. Not everyone has read this super educational blog and they may not know how to do this whole internet dating. So don’t count someone out if they don’t have the best profile ever! Forgive grammar flaws.
  6. Before going on dates, check the person out online to make sure they have not killed anyone. I really feel like people who have killed other people, should not be online trying to get dates. But I really don’t think they see it the same way. The state I’m in has a website where you enter the persons first and last name and it shows you every ticket, lawsuit, and arrest for that person.

Stay tuned for my internet dating success story!  

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