Randomness Friday post:

8 yo has been on a french food kick lately thanks to American Girl Dolls. She made tartlets with white chocolate mousse. She wanted to put a cherry on top buy it kept rolling off. 

Today was my first time of applying fake lashes on said 8 year old daughter. Sure they’re halfway between her natural lash line and her eyebrow, but girl feels pretty. 

You see, last night at her dance studios dress rehearsal for the recital, her program director said the words every dance mom dreads hearing….”these girls are old enough now to wear fake eyelashes for their performances.”

Cheers erupted from the dancers. Tears from their mommys. I guess we should break out the training bras and booty shorts. It’s all downhill from here!

Pure mommy joy moment: as I was holding and tickling my 2yo today, she stopped and put her little hands up to hold my face and she smiled and sighed and looked me in the eyes. It felt like she was saying, “I know how loved and cherrished I am mommy.”

A few hours later my 8 year old (with fake lashes still on) asked, “did you marry daddy (her stepdad) because he does all the chores for you?” As I’m folding laundry. After I finished cleaning up the mess from the homemade waffles I made the girls for breakfast.  

Yep. That’s why baby.

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