I Worked Out Today. It’s Called Kegals. 

I had influenza B pretty much all of April. No, the flu does not involve vomiting or other GI concerns. I’m talking the cough from hell! Fever, bodyaches, congestion. The real influenza. 

As the mother of two vaginally delivered daughters, I learned during April that I do not kegal nearly enough. Yes, I peed my pants. Everyday. No, every time I had a coughing episode. Super sexy, let me tell you. 

Went from panty liners to pads and then the pads got bigger because there was NO way I was buying Depends. Strengthen those pelvic floors ladies! Kegal till the cows come home. Because once you have a cough, it’s too late to realize you’ve not kegalled enough!

Don’t get to the point where you’re considering Depends. Because Depends are for when you’re so old, you’re cute again.

4 thoughts on “I Worked Out Today. It’s Called Kegals. ”

  1. I’m totally with you on this one, as horrible as it was I broke down and bought the super thin “depends” and they work a lot better than the menstrual pads while being much thinner.

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