Hello My Name is “Her et al.” & I am a Dance Mom


She’s 8 and will be completing her 6th year of dance in a few weeks. I love to watch her dance. In the beginning, it was fun. I watched her run in her tap shoes because it sounded funny. I remember looking in and seeing all 8 five year olds making faces at themselves in the mirror and comparing wiggly teeth. 

Fast forward and the mirror is where she checks her form and spacing and whatever and she no longer runs in tap shoes (although she did break an arm running in tap shoes.) Still in their big room with psychedelic painted walls and rows of barres, comparing wiggly teeth. 

She finds fun in dance in different ways now. She thinks it’s fun in the studio, 10-12 hours a week. All the moms (including myself) just drop them off and leave now because no one wants to hang out in there alone for 3 hours straight. It’s not fun for me anymore and it’s way more expensive now. 

But here we are, on the cusp of competitive team. More money, more time and she couldn’t be more thrilled. I don’t wanna do it anymore. 

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