Super Lotion

I’m making some Super Lotion today! I repost it every so often so I can find it!

I stumbled upon this handy dandy recipe off of a blog about a year so ago, and I’m afraid I’m unable to remember who or where I got it from. Since making it, a few of my friends have said their grandmothers use to make something similar. At our crib, we refer to this lotion as “Super Lotion” because it’s made up of several different products you can find at your local drugstore and it is our “go to” lotion for the girls in the winter. In the summers, I use this more since I shave every day, plus it’s bare skin season. 

Additionally, I’ve used it on our toddler who has eczema and it works wonders with her.  I’m not sure that it works better than the old Cetaphil, but it certainly smells prettier! Now in full disclosure, if you have sensitive skin and you try this lotion and then break out or develop a rash afterwords, your healthcare provider will likely tell you to discontinue this lotion as it does have a scent. If you have a child with eczema I’m sure you already know that effective treatments vary from person to person and are trial and error kind of basis. 

Now let’s begin the goodness:

I use my handy-dandy stand mixer with my paddle attachment. My paddle has a rubber edge that scrapes the bowl so I don’t have to! Really I’m not quite sure how to do it without a stand mixer but do your thing.


  1. 15 oz pink Johnson’s baby lotion (brand only)
  2. 3/4 cup Vaseline (generic works)
  3. 1 capful of vitamin E oil
  4. 4oz Fruit of the Earth vitamin E Skincare Cream (I’ve never been able to find the cream in my town, but I have ordered it off Amazon. I’ve used the FOTE vitamin E Lotion and it works just as good)
  5. (Optional)-Hydrocortisone Cream 1%, 1 tube-I added this when my youngest eczema is at its worse and then the lotion is even more super! But obviously this is an optional step based on your needs

Directions: Pour everything in your stand mixer, turn it on a medium speed and let it go for a few minutes.

Pretty soon it will start to look fluffy and pink, so don’t leave it unattended in the stand mixer or some poor unsuspecting loved one make dip a finger in thinking its frosting.

When it’s done, fill up the bottles you’ve just used (use a gallon bag with a clipped corner as a pipping bag to fill bottles) and your good to go!

You’ll need one other bottle your first time making this because you’re adding the Vaseline and vitamin E oil.

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