Am I There Yet?

I’ve been a stay at home mom now for about 3 years and I still feel like I’m finding my way. I’m not the best at keeping house, cooking, finances, (wondering now why my hubby put a ring on it) and I kept telling myself that I’ll get there. Give me time, once I get into a routine, I’ll stick to it. Or the domestic engineer fairy will fly past me and sprinkle me with some anti-lazy dust. But what I’ve discovered is that it just doesn’t come naturally to me. Maybe it does to others but I’m just going to have to make myself keep up on housework but forgive myself when I fail. Because that’s like once a week and I can’t be mad at myself forever.

So I started small and made my bed everyday, sometimes before I pee because mommy peeing is the equivalent of a cookafrickendoodledoo in this place. I gave myself Saturday’s off of bed making and soon after that, realized I hate it when the beds not made. Our room looks like a pillow forest when all those frilly decorative pillows that my husband has nightmares about are strewn about.

Soon after the bed realization I found out that our bathroom was the epicenter of our house. We have one bathroom the girls and I use and a scarey bathroom in the basement my husband uses so he doesn’t have to worry about little ones having to pee. Three girls have lots of bathroom supplies. A good percentage of our mornings are spent in there getting everyone ready. I’m more productive in a clean bathroom. I can find our bobby pins and hair ties and Princess flossers easier, thus making our mornings easier, thus making life easier.

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